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Jeff Gill Dataverse (Harvard University)
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Jan 28, 2013
Jeff Gill and Christopher Witko, 2013, "Bayesian Analytical Methods: A Methodological Prescription for Public Administration", hdl:1902.1/20283, Harvard Dataverse, V1
May 30, 2011
Kevin Wagner; Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: Bayesian Inference in Public Administration Research: Substantive Differences from Somewhat Different Assumptions.", hdl:1902.1/15908, Harvard Dataverse, V2
May 30, 2011
Minjung Kyung; Jeff Gill; George Casella, 2011, "Replication data for: "Sampling Schemes for Generalized Linear Dirichlet Process Random Effects Models."", hdl:1902.1/15874, Harvard Dataverse, V4
May 30, 2011
Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: One Year and Four Elections: A Study of the 1998 Capps Campaign for California's 22nd District.", hdl:1902.1/15910, Harvard Dataverse, V2
May 30, 2011
Chris Zorn; Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: The Etiology of Public Support for the Designated Hitter Rule", hdl:1902.1/15879, Harvard Dataverse, V2, UNF:5:xUzBJfbVX0x7FBlFkqPhOQ==
May 30, 2011
Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: Critical Differences in Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Inference and Why the Former is Better.", hdl:1902.1/15878, Harvard Dataverse, V2
May 24, 2011
Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: An Entropy Measure of Uncertainty in Vote Choice", hdl:1902.1/15880, Harvard Dataverse, V2
May 24, 2011
Jeff Gill; Donimik Hangartner, 2011, "Replication data for: Circular Data in Political Science and How to Handle It.", hdl:1902.1/15875, Harvard Dataverse, V3, UNF:5:hP6yk4Ocnr5JZWV+bwF/GA==
May 8, 2011
Jeff Gill; Gary King, 2011, "Replication data for: What to do When Your Hessian is Not Invertible: Alternatives to Model Respecification in Nonlinear Estimation."", hdl:1902.1/15909, Harvard Dataverse, V1
May 8, 2011
Jeff Gill, 2011, "Replication data for: The Insignificance of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing.", hdl:1902.1/15911, Harvard Dataverse, V1
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