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Skinner Regional Systems Analysis Dataverse (Regional Systems Analysis Project)
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An archive of the datasets developed for the Regional Systems Analysis laboratory, under the direction of G. William Skinner. See also sample layers as webmaps.

The core datasets, including GIS layers and tabular data, are being preserved in this repository. Together the datasets will present a case study of the methodology used for determination of the Levels in Urban Hierarchy (LUH), Urban-Rural Continuum values (URC), and the delineation of Core Periphery Zones (CPZ).

For a comprehensive description of the analysis method, please see Spatial Contexts of Urbanization and Land Conservation in North China by Mark Henderson.

Archive Editors:
Mark Henderson, Mills College Public Policy Program
Telephone: 510-430-3169

Merrick Lex Berman, Center for Geographic Anlaysis
Telephone: 617-496-9439
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Sep 6, 2017
Ziemer, John; Berman, Merrick Lex, 2017, "John Ziemer Interview (Nov 2008)", doi:10.7910/DVN/UGASBW, Harvard Dataverse, V1
John Ziemer was the long-time editor of Chinese and Asian Publications at Stanford University Press, and founding editor of the Asia Center Publications division of Harvard University Press. At the time of this interview, Ziemer was working at Harvard and agreed to share his thou...
Aug 30, 2017
G. W. Skinner; Henderson, Mark, 2017, "Skinner Magnetic Tapes", doi:10.7910/DVN/DOWPQU, Harvard Dataverse, V2
A collection of 1970s – 1980s era mainframe computer magnetic tapes from the G. W. Skinner lab.
Jul 19, 2017
Skinner, G. W.; Henderson, Mark; Cai, Yong, 2017, "ChinaSP Dataset, China 1990 Census One Percent Sample", doi:10.7910/DVN/L141VB, Harvard Dataverse, V2
The ChinaSP dataset integrates two samples derived from the China 1990 Census, one sample for every 100th person, and one sample for every 100th household. The data was originally shared in a collaboration between the China State Statistical Bureau and G. W. Skinner for use in hi...
Dec 6, 2016 - Japan Dataverse
Tsunetoshi Mizoguchi, 2014, "Papers on Japan", doi:10.7910/DVN/26574, Harvard Dataverse, V2
Occasional papers and references related to Japanese Core Periphery Analysis and Regional Systems of Japan, related to the work of G. W. Skinner.
China - Modern Dataverse(Mills College / Harvard CGA)
Dec 6, 2016
Data from the HRS analysis of modern China (1982-2000)
China - Late Imperial Dataverse(Mills College / Harvard CGA)
Dec 6, 2016
Data from the HRS analysis of Late Imperial China (1820-1911).
Japan Dataverse(Mills College / Harvard CGA)
Dec 6, 2016
Data from the HRS analysis of early Meiji Japan.
Nov 1, 2016 - China - Late Imperial Dataverse
Prussia. Landesaufnahme. Kartographische Abteilung., 2008, "Karte von Tschili und Schantung (Maps of Zhili (Hebei) and Shandong), 1904-1907", hdl:1902.1/11729, Harvard Dataverse, V3
These detailed maps compiled by the Royal Prussian Land Survey provide a unique view of the North China landscape of a century ago, showing the built-up areas, or footprints, of settlements from walled cities down to small villages. Digital scanned images of these maps have been...
Oct 26, 2016 - Japan Dataverse
Skinner, G. William; Tsunetoshi Mizoguchi; Henderson, Mark, 2016, "Japan City Systems of the early Meiji era", doi:10.7910/DVN/OJS5W1, Harvard Dataverse, V1
City Systems of early Meiji Japan, including Regional City Systems (around higher-order cities) and, nested within them, Greater City Systems (around mid-level cities, according to the central place analysis represented in the JapanT dataset).
Oct 25, 2016 - China - Late Imperial Dataverse
Mark Henderson, 2016, "China City Walls of Hebei and Shandong", doi:10.7910/DVN/7MXVKV, Harvard Dataverse, V1
The 1904-07 Prussian maps show the footprints of settlements including the outlines of city walls. Small areas around each capital in the ChinaW file were clipped from the georeferenced maps. Filenames contain the ChinaW ID number for each city.
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