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Edward Miguel Dataverse (U.C. Berkeley)
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Scholar profile for Edward Miguel, Professor of Economics, U.C. Berkeley.
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Aug 23, 2016
Lee, Kenneth; Miguel, Edward; Wolfram, Catherine, 2016, "Appliance Ownership and Aspirations among Electric Grid and Home Solar Households in Rural Kenya", doi:10.7910/DVN/WYZEPV, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:IEYqCdJFhfoct2Go9s8VzQ==
“Appliance Ownership and Aspirations among Electric Grid and Home Solar Households in Rural Kenya” American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 2016, 106(5): 89-94 Kenneth Lee, Edward Miguel, and Catherine Wolfram Contact: ***** This folder includes the...
Jul 28, 2016
Lee, Kenneth; Brewer, Eric; Christiano, Carson; Meyo, Francis; Miguel, Edward; Podolsky, Matthew; Rosa, Javier; Wolfram, Catherine, 2016, "Electrification for “Under Grid” households in Rural Kenya", doi:10.7910/DVN/UL0TEO, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:c/Pz/Fo/UBXT7LqmQtC+9Q==
“Electrification for “Under Grid” households in Rural Kenya” Development Engineering 1: 26-35 Kenneth Lee, Eric Brewer, Carson Christiano, Francis Meyo, Edward Miguel, Matthew Podolsky, Javier Rosa, Catherine Wolfram ***** This folder includes three data files: (1) observations.d...
May 13, 2016
Miguel, Edward; Manacorda, Marco; Amarante, Verónica; Vigorito, Andrea, 2016, "Do Cash Transfers Improve Birth Outcomes? Evidence from Matched Vital Statistics, and Program and Social Security Data", doi:10.7910/DVN/VPYJL7, Harvard Dataverse, V1
There is limited empirical evidence on whether cash transfers to poor pregnant women improve children's birth outcomes and potentially help weaken the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Using a unique array of program and social security administrative micro- data matched to lon...
Sep 17, 2015
Gonzalez, Felipe; Miguel, Edward, 2015, "Replication Data for: War and Local Collective Action in Sierra Leone: Comment on the Use of Coefficient Stability Approaches", doi:10.7910/DVN/GQGYBK, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:6UTwsY9LNUW9/MfZ44rxIA==
In a study of the effect of civil war exposure on local collective action outcomes in Sierra Leone, Bellows and Miguel (2009) employ a coefficient stability approach to assess the importance of omitted variable bias building on Altonji et al. (2005a). Here we clarify the economet...
Aug 6, 2015
Evans, David K.; Miguel, Edward, 2015, "Replication Data for: Orphans and Schooling in Africa: A Longitudinal Analysis", doi:10.7910/DVN/VMWYWJ, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:3LdCZStMgf8dcbl72nOsCQ==
AIDS deaths could have a major impact on economic development by affecting the human capital accumulation of the next generation. We estimate the impact of parent death on primary school participation using an unusual five-year panel data set of over 20,000 Kenyan children. There...
Mar 3, 2015 - Kenya Life Panel Survey Dataverse
Miguel, Edward; Kremer, Michael, 2014, "Replication data for: Worms: Identifying Impacts on Education and Health in the Presence of Treatment Externalities", doi:10.7910/DVN/28038, Harvard Dataverse, V2
This study evaluated the Primary School Deworming Project (PSDP), which was carried out in Kenya by Internationaal Christelijk Steunfonds in cooperation with the Busia District Ministry of Health. The program randomly divided 75 schools into three equal groups which were phased i...
Feb 26, 2015
Miguel, Edward; Saiegh, Sebastian M.; Satyanath, Shanker, 2015, "Replication data for: Civil War Exposure and Violence", doi:10.7910/DVN/29272, Harvard Dataverse, V1
In recent years scholars have begun to focus on the consequences of individuals' exposure to civil war, including its severe health and psychological consequences. Our innovation is to move beyond the survey methodology that is widespread in this literature to analyze the actual...
Feb 26, 2015
Hsieh, Chang-Tai; Miguel, Edward; Ortega, Daniel; Rodriguez, Francisco, 2015, "Replication data for: The Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela's Maisanta", doi:10.7910/DVN/29273, Harvard Dataverse, V1
In 2004, the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela distributed the list of several million voters who had attempted to remove him from office throughout the government bureaucracy, allegedly to identify and punish these voters. We match the list of petition signers distributed by the g...
Feb 26, 2015
Jakiela, Pamela; Miguel, Edward; te Velde, Vera L., 2015, "Replication data for: You've Earned It: Estimating the Impact of Human Capital on Social Preferences", doi:10.7910/DVN/29276, Harvard Dataverse, V1
We combine data from a randomized evaluation and a laboratory experiment to measure the causal impact of human capital on respect for earned property rights, a component of social preferences with important implications for economic growth and development. We find that higher aca...
Feb 26, 2015
Miguel, Edward; Satyanath, Shanker, 2015, "Re-examining Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict", doi:10.7910/DVN/29275, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:5:ftzcqRRoTGQaiFqIy6xFyA==
Using annual rainfall variation as an instrumental variable for growth, we show that economic growth is negatively related to civil conflict in Africa. Antonio Ciccone (2011) argues that thanks to rainfall's mean-reverting nature, rainfall levels are preferable to annual changes....
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