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ARCS Dataverse (Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability)
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This data repository hosts datasets from researchers around the world to foster research on corporate sustainability and is managed by the HBS Business and Environment Initiative. Download datasets below. Or contribute a dataset by completing and emailing this form and data.
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May 28, 2014
Delmas, M.A.; Fischlein, M.; Asensio, O.I, 2014, "Experimental Studies on the Effectiveness of Information Strategies and Energy Conservation Behavior", doi:10.7910/DVN/25840, Harvard Dataverse, V3
A database of 156 published experimental studies on the effectiveness of information strategies on energy conservation behavior conducted from 1975 to 2012
May 27, 2014
Delmas, M.A.; Montes-Sancho, M.J., 2014, "US Electric Utilities Investments in Renewable Energy", doi:10.7910/DVN/25841, Harvard Dataverse, V2, UNF:5:DKkPlKm+Ayz+DoSTA0l4JQ==
Information about 650 electric utilities in 48 states. Electric utility performance and investments in renewables. State renewable policies (RPS) and other relevant policies.
May 27, 2014
Gehman, Joel; Etzion, Dror, 2014, "WellWiki", doi:10.7910/DVN/26258, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Individual well, individual operator (drilling company), individual municipality/county. Currently, the site contains data on approximately 150,000 oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania. By the end of summer, we expect to cover over 500,000 oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, West Vir...
Apr 1, 2014, 2012, "US Politician Gifts", hdl:1902.1/19072, Harvard Dataverse, V2
Data on US politician gift patterns for 2004 through 2009.
Nov 3, 2013
Trucost, 2013, "Trucost Environmental Register", doi:10.7910/DVN/23182, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Trucost provides the world's most comprehensive natural capital data covering 93% of global markets by market capitalization to help academics embed natural capital considerations within traditional investment analysis. Standard Data Set: Company level natural capital metrics inc...
Oct 29, 2013, 2013, "US Congress Travel Records", hdl:1902.1/22428, Harvard Dataverse, V2
Database contains travel records reported by members of US Congress from 2004 through 2009.
Apr 21, 2013
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pollution Prevention & Toxics, 2013, "U.S. EPA Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) chemical weights, version 2.3.0 (June 2010)", hdl:1902.1/21235, Harvard Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains chemical weights that can be used to adjust for the widely varying toxicity of the chemicals required to be reported by the US EPA's Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). These weights were developed as part of the US EPA's Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators...
Nov 28, 2012
Reporters without Borders, 2012, "Press Freedom Index (2002-2010)", hdl:1902.1/19382, Harvard Dataverse, V1
According to the document describing the Press Freedom Index 2010 methodology, “The Reporters Without Borders index measures the violations of press freedom in the world. It reflects the degree of freedom that journalists and news organisations enjoy in each country, and the effo...
Nov 18, 2012
Transparency International, 2012, "Corruption Perceptions Index", hdl:1902.1/19272, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Measures the perceived level of public sector corruption in each country-year.
Nov 12, 2012
Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy at Yale University and the Center for International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia University, 2012, "Yale Environmental Sustainability Index 2005", hdl:1902.1/19238, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Rates countries’ environmental protection measures along five broad categories, with many sub-indicators: (1) environmental systems; (2) reducing environmental stresses; (3) reducing human vulnerability to environmental stresses; (4) societal and institutional capacity to respond...
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