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Alexander Coppock Dataverse (Columbia University)
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Replication archives for Alexander Coppock's research projects
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Dec 29, 2015
Green, Donald P.; Krasno, Jonathan S.; Coppock, Alexander; Farrer, Benjamin D.; Lenoir, Brandon; Joshua N. Zinger, 2015, "Replication Data for: The Effects of Lawn Signs on Vote Outcomes: Results from Four Randomized Field Experiments", doi:10.7910/DVN/K2TLDB, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:q0pOlZ/lDeitgrB0vebG/w==
Although lawn signs rank among the most widely used campaign tactics, little scholarly attention has been paid to the question of whether they actually generate votes. Working in collaboration with a congressional candidate, a mayoral candidate, an independent expenditure campaig...
May 29, 2015 - American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) Dataverse
Coppock, Alexander; Green, Donald P., 2015, "Replication Data for: Is Voting Habit Forming? New Evidence from Experiments and Regression Discontinuities", doi:10.7910/DVN/ALZVAW, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:pQ7udIzUy3kSElsjlQ7K3g==
Field experiments and regression discontinuity designs test whether voting is habit forming by examining whether a random shock to turnout in one election affects participation in subsequent elections. We contribute to this literature by offering a vast amount of new statistical...
Apr 9, 2015
Aronow, Peter M.; Coppock, Alexander; Crawford, Forrest W.; Green, Donald P., 2015, "Replication data for: Combining List Experiment and Direct Question Estimates of Sensitive Behavior Prevalence", doi:10.7910/DVN/29984, Harvard Dataverse, V1
This is a replication archive for the paper's empirical results.
Mar 18, 2015
Coppock, Alexander; Guess, Andrew; Ternovski, John, 2015, "Replication data for: When Treatments Are Tweets: A Network Mobilization Experiment Over Twitter.", doi:10.7910/DVN/29548, Harvard Dataverse, V1
This replication archive contains anonymized datasets for the two experiments reported in "When Treatments Are Tweets: A Network Mobilization Experiment Over Twitter."
Jan 27, 2015
Coppock, Alexander, 2015, "Replication data for: Information Spillovers: Another Look at Experimental Estimates of Legislator Responsiveness", doi:10.7910/DVN/28664, Harvard Dataverse, V2, UNF:5:nMVWcV+iHZ+b03BhgTtqog==
This replication archive contains the code and data necessary to reproduce the results reported in the article text and appendix
Nov 1, 2014 - Political Science Research and Methods (PSRM) Dataverse
Coppock, Alexander; Green, Donald P., 2014, "Replication data for: Assessing the Correspondence between Experimental Results Obtained in the Lab and Field: A Review of Recent Social Science", doi:10.7910/DVN/25543, Harvard Dataverse, V2
A small but growing social science literature examines the correspondence between experimental results obtained in lab and field settings. We review this literature and reanalyze a set of recent experiments carried out in parallel in both lab and field. Using a standardized forma...
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