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Sep 2, 2014 - Gary King Dataverse
Gelman, Andrew; King, Gary, 2007, "Replication data for: Enhancing Democracy Through Legislative Redistricting", hdl:1902.1/BNCOWNVERH, Harvard Dataverse, V6, UNF:3:ZXahi7PBFxLRb46sVKOAuQ==
We demonstrate the surprising benefits of legislative redistricting (including partisan gerrymandering) for American representative democracy. In so doing, our analysis resolves two long-standing controversies in American politics. First, whereas some scholars believe that redist...
Aug 20, 2014 - Gary King Dataverse
Gelman, Andrew; King, Gary; Boscardin, John, 2007, "Replication data for: Estimating the Probability of Events That have Never Occurred: When Is Your Vote Decisive?", hdl:1902.1/NOLXXTUHNZ, Harvard Dataverse, V4, UNF:3:ORDulVH6qEb4lsCyDn5W3A==
Researchers sometimes argue that statisticians have little to contribute when few realizations of the process being estimated are observed. We show that this argument is incorrect even in the extreme situation of estimating the probabilities of events so rare that they have never...
Aug 20, 2014 - Gary King Dataverse
Gelman, Andrew; King, Gary, 2007, "Replication data for: Unified Method of Evaluating Electoral Systems and Redistricting Plans: United States House of Representatives and Ohio State Legislature", hdl:1902.1/JWFTSFKOBK, Harvard Dataverse, V4, UNF:3:Fi01DWj4Sx+0ZEOEo4TOXA==
We derive a unified statistical method with which one can produce substantially improved definitions and estimates of almost any feature of two-party electoral systems that can be defined based on district vote shares. Our single method enables one to calculate more efficient est...
Aug 20, 2014 - Gary King Dataverse
King, Gary, 2007, "Elections to the United States House of Representatives, 1898-1992", hdl:1902.1/TQDSSPRDDZ, Harvard Dataverse, V5, UNF:3:tD8SznMFjKIxWxOqTQaamQ==
This data collection, designed to facilitate analysis of voting behavior at the district level and the effect of party incumbency on election outcomes, contains election returns for elections to the United States House of Representatives from 1898 to 1992. Votes from each biennia...
Aug 6, 2014 - Gary King Dataverse
Gelman, Andrew; King, Gary, 2007, "Replication data for: Why Are American Presidential Election Campaign Polls So Variable When Votes are So Predictable?", hdl:1902.1/SBBXEUSSCW, Harvard Dataverse, V4
As most political scientists know, the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election can be predicted within a few percentage points (in the popular vote), based on information available months before the election. Thus, the general election campaign for president seems irrelevant to...
Aug 24, 2009
Andrew Gelman; Jennifer Hill, 2009, "Replication data for: Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models", hdl:1902.1/10285, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:3:fGueN4cKqJOFgWbNWcG5UA==
Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models is a comprehensive manual for the applied researcher who wants to perform data analysis using linear and nonlinear regression and multilevel models. The book introduces a wide variety of models, whilst at the same...
Jan 20, 2009
Andrew Gelman; John B. Carlin; Hal S. Stern; and Donald B. Rubin, 2009, "Replication data for: Bayesian Data Analysis, Second Edition", hdl:1902.1/10287, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:3:9sKTpDvyBBaoATmIUogwVg==
Incorporating new and updated information, this second edition of the bestselling text in Bayesian data analysis continues to emphasize practice over theory, describing how to conceptualize, perform, and critiques statistical analysis from a Bayesian perspective. Changes in the n...
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