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Feb 23, 2017 - Trees on farms in Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape Dataverse
Carreño-Rocabado, Geovana, 2017, "Soil description and physical properties from farm productive land uses in the Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape", doi:10.7910/DVN/NSJOB4, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:SvbFBk37Rs4prDHXcKyhGg==
Additional information of soil characteristics into the study of farm management and trees on farm contribution in the Nicaragua-Honduras Sentinel Landscape. For 90 farms of two Nicaraguan municipalities (La Dalia and Waslala) soil description was done sampling arable soil in pas...
Feb 23, 2017 - Jonathan Miller Dataverse
Miller, Jonathan, 2017, "Theoretical studies involving two Diels-Alder reactions under solvent-free conditions", doi:10.7910/DVN/E3LY2H, Harvard Dataverse, V5
Transition states of two Diels-Alder reactions are investigated using various theoretical methods including DFT.
Feb 23, 2017 - American Journal of Political Science (AJPS) Dataverse
Djupe, Paul A.; Neiheisel, Jacob R.; Sokhey, Anand E., 2017, "Replication Data for: Reconsidering the Role of Politics in Leaving Religion – The Importance of Affiliation", doi:10.7910/DVN/VWZZLO, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:Gil5a7a6/lv2ItwabfGZuA==
Studies have pointed to politics as an important force driving people away from religion – the argument is that the dogmatic politics of the Christian Right have alienated liberals and moderates, effectively threatening organized religion in America. We argue that existing explan...
Feb 23, 2017 - Italian Political Science Review (IPSR/RISP) Dataverse
Cofelice, Andrea, 2017, "Replication Data for: Italy and the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council. Playing the Two-Level Game", doi:10.7910/DVN/ABA9F5, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:jowS3weIevlA0ivzRuGBMg==
The aim of this article is to assess Italy’s behaviour in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the United Nations Human Rights Council, both as a recommending State and as a State under review. The UPR is a peer review mechanism launched in 2008, through which...
Feb 23, 2017 - Italian Political Science Review (IPSR/RISP) Dataverse
Di Mauro, Danilo; Fiket Irena, 2017, "Replication Data for: Debating Europe, Transforming Identities: Assessing the impact of Deliberative Poll treatment on identity", doi:10.7910/DVN/EXSNA4, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:c1H0OLVN5m2fP8a/KK53Ag==
Although there is a considerable amount of talk about transformative power of deliberation on identity, the debate in literature remains highly theoretical in underlying the benefits of deliberative model for EU Integration. So far, little empirical evidence is available on the a...
Feb 23, 2017 - Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal Dataverse
Musoke, Zakia, 2017, "An Empirical Investigation on Dollarization and Currency Devaluation: A Case Study of Tanzania", doi:10.7910/DVN/VIZKB6, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:YKTJHYV8y75E29gU4T9Isw==
The debate regarding the usage of domestic currency versus dollarizing an economy is still robust in many developing countries. Dollarizing an economy commonly entails dollarizing bank deposits and loans, transacting in dollars and tagging prices of goods and services in dollar....
Feb 23, 2017 - Italian Political Science Review (IPSR/RISP) Dataverse
Vezzoni, Cristiano; Ladini, Riccardo, 2017, "Replication Data for: Thou shalt not cheat: how to reduce internet use in web surveys on political knowledge", doi:10.7910/DVN/4DNIIJ, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:Kq3GFPfMqQ5DnDX7FQ/1yw==
By means of a split-ballot survey experiment, we study whether a normative instruction not to use the internet when answering political knowledge questions reduces cheating in web surveys. The knowledge questions refer to basic facts about the European Union and the data come fro...
Feb 22, 2017 - UCLA Social Science Data Archive Dataverse
Pacific Bell, 2017, "Five County Surname Count, 1987 (M108V1)", hdl:1902.1/M108V1, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Feb 22, 2017 - UCLA Social Science Data Archive Dataverse
Carroll, J. Douglas, Jr., 2017, "Detroit Metropolitan Area Traffic Study, 1953", doi:10.7910/DVN/NL4F2K, Harvard Dataverse, V1
Carroll, J. Douglas, Jr. DETROIT METROPOLITAN AREA TRAFFIC STUDY, 1953 (computer file). [S.I.: s.n.]: Douglas J. Carroll, Jr. [producer and distributor], 19??.
Feb 22, 2017 - CCES Dataverse
Schaffner, Brian; Ansolabehere, Stephen, 2015, "2010-2014 Cooperative Congressional Election Study Panel Survey", doi:10.7910/DVN/TOE8I1, Harvard Dataverse, V7, UNF:6:gtVUjJxIxsjh1VvzCYqbZw==
Panel survey of 9,500 American adults conducted during the 2010, 2012, and 2014 election cycles.
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